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Eyesome, like handsome, means pleasing to the eye. And it is that sort of beautiful imagery that inspires us to create smart, visual messages for our partners and clients.

Based in Atlanta, Eyesome Productions is an award winning video production company specializing in documentary-style storytelling optimized for web, tablet and mobile.

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The man behind the camera

President of Eyesome, Reid Childers is a man of many hats – director, producer, editor and even on some very (and I mean very) rare occasions, voiceover talent. But his favorite piece of the puzzle is cinematography – a craft that came to light in his undergrad years at Washington & Lee University where he studied visual arts. After graduating, Reid moved back to his hometown and cut his teeth at a local PR firm where he quickly established the company’s creative department and fell in love with film – and his wife, but that’s another story for another day. Fast-forward 5 years later and Eyesome Productions was born. When Reid’s not behind the camera, he’s an active alum of The Westminster Schools, a board member of the Peachtree Park Civic Association, a fantasy football fanatic and a good old fashioned family guy.

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Bondye Bon // Ace Upholstery

Paul Gaston was born in Haiti where he learned the family craft, upholstery. For the past 50+ years he has been passionately bringing life back to furniture others have discarded, forgetting the hidden beauty found in the bones of the wood. His love of the artful work or refinishing these forgotten pieces has him as active as ever at 68 years old with no end in sight. In only a few days visiting Paul at his shop in Atlanta, Ace Upholstery, I began to understand his amazing story, his desire to pass along the craft to another generation, and how much love he shares with every customer that walks through his doors.

Bondye bon is a Haitian proverb meaning God is good.



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